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An Amsterdam based filmmaker and virtual reality director of photography. His love for this art form started in 2012, after filming and editing a family holiday video he knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Since then he learned about film making by just doing it, and that turned him into the young professional that he is today. During his career as a virtual reality director of photography/camera operator/editor he worked on a couple of high end virtual reality productions. He worked on Tommy Hilfiger’s Gigi Hadid, Avrotros Ashes to Ashes, Avrotros Project Orpheus VR, Brainpower Troubled Soul VR, Sensation White VR. Mike is creative, open minded en always looking for a new adventure. Book him to visualize your next adventure.
Virtual Reality
Here is some of Mike's work.

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E-mail: info@mikedeen.nl Phone: +31611599499