Equipment + prices


Peugeot Boxer L1H1

(includes 2.4×2.4 butterfly + ultrabounce, 1/4 grid cloth, 1/2 grid cloth/junior stands/c-stands/WD frames/solids/blackouts/small grip/power distribution)

€200,00 per day (ex €0,45 per km)


1x Arri M18 HMI

€95,00 per day

1x Luxarc 2.5kw HMI

€85,00 per day

1x Aputure 600D Pro (incl. F10 fresnel + F10 barn doors)

€90,00 per day

1x Aputure 300DII + Softbox

€50,00 per day

2x Aputure 120D II + Softbox + fresnel

€25,00 per fixture per day

1x Dedolight 40W LED kit of 2

€30,00 per day

2x Aputure Nova P300C + softbox

€65,00 per fixture per day

2x Astera Titan tube

€40,00 per fixture per day

1x Aputure MC kit of 4

€40,00 per day

1x Aputure Spotlight mount + gobo kit 

€20,00 per day